High Interest in the Burbs

My latest and greatest story in the Fort Worth Weekly examines the spread of payday lending in suburbia and what cities are doing about it: “High Interest in the Burbs.”

For Love or Money?

Being broke really makes you miss money, even if it was just that forgotten ten dollar bill found in the pocket of your dirty jeans. And it brings up the age old question: Do what you love? Or get paid a nice salary to do something else? In the past, I’ve floated from boat to boat, but now I’ve planted my anchor firmly down in the sea of love.

But I how long can a wade through these shark infested waters, teeming with bills, rent payments, and grocery lists?

How about a life raft? Or perhaps just a well-made inner tube.

Good thing I can swim.

Hey, Texas Monthly

This weekend’s Mayborn Conference in Grapevine, Texas was inspiring and depressing. Shaking hands with the famous Skip Hollandsworth is a treat. But realizing that you’re no Skip Hollandsworth is a bummer. Thanks to the conference, I’m motivated to become a better writer and willing to take more risks to get there.

I also shamelessly promoted myself to a very gracious Brian D. Sweany, deputy editor of Texas Monthly. And Brian, if you’re reading this, I promise, I’d be awesome.

Mayborn Literary Conference

Gearing up for the Mayborn Literary Conference in Grapevine, Texas. Now, how do writers successfully network with editors? Let’s find out on July 20.

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